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The Stannah Stairlift Way

All Stannah stairlifts undergo rigorous testing and analysis to ensure critical factors of safety are achieved throughout the design and manufacture process. In fact, Stannah leads the way in design and innovation. Stannah continually develops all products to ensure they meet customer needs.

Why Choose Us

Stannah Stairlifts appreciates great craftsmanship as well as understands the importance of safety, reliability and excellent value. Customer service – both before and after the sale – is always the focus. Customers are never forgotten after the job is carried out. It’s just the Stannah way! Founded in the UK over 140 years ago, Stannah Stairlifts is famous globally for giving people independence and safer enjoyment of their homes. That’s why there are more Stannah stairlifts across the world than any other.

Stairlifts & Medicare

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover stair lifts, but many states offer Medicaid waivers that will pay for lifts to those that qualify, and the VA offers cash grants to veterans with disabilities for home safety improvements.

Stairlifts for those with Disabilities

Stairlifts for those with Disabilities

A stairlift is ideal for anyone having difficulty with stairs due to disabilities. There are several disabilities such as multiple sclerosis and sciatica that can render someone nearly completely unable to climb the stairs. These people with disabilities deserve a better quality of life that they can count on time and time again. Having a stairlift in your home eliminates the difficulty of climbing up and down the stairs.

Stannah Stairlifts offers stairlifts for people with disabilities with a variety of features such as adjustable seat height, folding steps, seatbelts soft start and soft stop. We offer a large selection of high-quality and affordable stair lifts backed by a comprehensive warranty with 24/7 on-call support, including narrow, custom, extra large, outdoor and wheelchair platform stair lifts that are ideal for your home. We also have models for all types of stairs, from narrow stairways that are common in older homes to curved staircases and porch stairs. We offer stair lifts for people with disabilities that are customized to the architecture of your home.

Our stairlifts for straight staircases feature rails that are cut to match the length of your staircase and can be configured to run along the left or right side of the steps. Curved stair lifts feature custom built rails to match the contour of the staircase and can also curve around a banister. Our trained technicians can install curved stair lifts with the professional expertise required to accommodate the stair case in your home. This makes navigating stairs for those with disabilities very simple.

Popular Stairlifts for People with Disabilities

One of our most popular Stannah Stairlift models is the Siena 260. This stairlift is affordable for most budgets and usable in most homes. The Siena model has the only seatbelt designed just for a stairlift, making it a much more secure ride. The Sadler Stairlift is designed for curved stairs. It’s designed for people who fit it difficult to sit down or bend their knees. With an adjustable seat height, it’s designed to fit each user.

Contact us toll free at 888-542-3834 for more information about the Siena 260 and other convenient models. Stannah Stairlifts has the stairlift that makes life easier for elderly or individuals with disabilities who can enjoy their homes with greater mobility with a professionally installed and serviced stairlift from the industry leader.


Stairlifts for those with Disabilities

Purchasing A Quality Stairlift

You may be unsure of where to start when you are looking for a stair lift but it is important that you purchase and install the best stair lift in your home. If you were to install a sub-par quality stair lift you may end up finding that the lift is not durable and will not last as long as a high quality lift. Stair lifts that are of a poor quality may also be installed improperly and run the risk of being dangerous.

Are You In Need Of A Stannah Stairlift

Is an aging parent or relative moving in or is the owner having difficulty carrying groceries or laundry from one level to another. Then a Stannah Stairlift is for you.

Starla 600 a Stairlift For Straight Stairs

Most stairlift chairs sit quite upright, so that they don’t take up too much room on the stairs. The Starla has been cleverly designed to lean backwards slightly for comfort and security, without taking up any more room than previous designs.

The Stannah Difference

Our stairlifts are designed to fit your needs. We guarantee that our stairlift seats are comfortable and easy to use. We also make sure that it fits even on narrow spaces and can even be installed on stairs with curves.

Best Stairlifts

Choosing the best stairlifts for your home

Getting the best stairlift installed in your home can make the lifestyle of you or possibly a family member considerably simpler. Getting all the way up as well as down the particular staircases won’t be deemed a challenge for people who struggled climbing the steps previously; and in case you or perhaps a loved one is actually a person that cannot climb up steps whatsoever you will not be limited to one floor of your property by incorporating a stairlift.

Understanding the best stairlifts options and installations

You could be unclear about where to begin when you’re looking to purchase the best stairlift however it is vital that you invest in and install the most beneficial stairlift at your residence. Should you purchase a sub-par level of quality stairlift you might end up discovering the fact that the lift just isn’t resilient and won’t be as durable like a superior quality stair lift. Stairlifts which are of a low quality may perhaps be fitted inaccurately and run the possibility of being hazardous.

Pick the the best stairlifts first for an enjoyable experience

Just by picking the very best stairlift that one could find you are making sure that you’ll have a safe lift at your residence designed to give assistance for countless years. The majority of the very best stairlifts include warrantees which cover several years. To guarantee that your stairlift is correctly installed plus the manufacturer’s warranty will be respected it is essential to have a stairlift set up in your residence by using a qualified professional.

Should you make an attempt to install a stairlift in your house yourself you could find that it’s a complicated job that you aren’t capable to finish. Our best stairlifts are actually installed by licensed qualified personnel whom possess a wealth of expertise and a wide range of expertise in the area of setting up stairlifts. By simply using a professional for the installation of your lift you are able to rest easily with the knowledge that your stairlift is safe to use as well as that it is able to effectively charge.

Therefore take into consideration getting the best stairlift installed within your house right away in order to make daily life a bit easier. Make certain you pick the best stairlift available for you; it is very important consult with a respectable company regarding every one of the alternatives because there are a wide range of stairlifts offered, which includes versions to accommodate the inside and outside of your house.

best stairlifts

Mountain West Stairlifts offers the best stairlifts in Utah

Stannah Promise

At Stannah we like to make sure you are getting the right stairlift for you, whether it is a rental stairlift, reconditioned or new. We measure everything from your legs to your staircase to ensure the stairlift we fit suits you and your home. Find out more and book at free survey now: www.stannahstairlifts.co.uk

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