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The Stannah Way

Customer service – both before and after the sale – is always the focus. Customers are never forgotten after the job is carried out. It’s just the Stannah way!

The Sadler Stairlift

Especially designed for people with limited flexibility, or for extra narrow stairways

Starla 600 For Straight Stairs

Features an angled seat, that slants slightly upward , so you feel completely safe & secure

Stairlift Rails

Straight rails for use on domestic staircases are usually made from extruded aluminium or steel and come in various cross-sectional shapes. These rails may, typically, weigh over 30 kg, depending on the length. In most applications they are attached to the steps with metal brackets (sometimes called “cleats”). If a rail crosses a doorway at the bottom of the stairs or causes an obstruction a hinge can be fitted so the end of the rail can be folded back out of the way when not in use. Curved rails are made from materials such as steel or aluminium and come in various cross-sectional shapes according to the designer. Individual designs vary a lot and probably the key criterion is to make the curves with the smallest radius possible so they will wrap tightly around objects such as newel posts. The sections of curved rails usually packaged well to prevent damage in transit and are unwrapped and assembled on site. Rails for wheelchair platform stairlifts may be secured to walls in addition to the step fixings.


A stairlift is a mechanical device for lifting people up and down stairs For sufficiently wide stairs, a rail is mounted to the treads of the stairs. A chair or lifting platform is attached to the rail. A person on the chair or platform is lifted as the chair moves along the rail. Stairlifts are known variously as stair lifts, stair-lifts, chair lifts, stair gliders and by other names. This type of chair lift should not be confused with the chairlift used by skiers. The term stair climber can refer either to stair lifts, or more commonly to the exercise equipment by the same name.

Buying A New Stairlift

The first thing to check when buying a new stairlift is the salesperson’s familiarity with the products he or she is selling.  If the representative knows about the products, it will greatly increase the trust you can put in the products being offered.  He or she should also know enough about the products of the specific manufacturer to know whether the products being offered will fit your particular needs.

Stairlift Advice

Responsible manufacturers and installers will be able to give detailed advice about the most suitable stairlift for your property. You may want a straight stair lift or your stairs may require the fitting of a curved stairlift. Things to consider include the level of warranty and the cost of installation and maintenance. It may be worth contacting your local authority or other agencies to see if financial assistance can be provided to help with the cost of the stair lift.

Outdoor Stairlift

An outdoor stairlift operates just like a standard indoor stairlift but has an attached cover to protect it from rain and other outdoor elements. The cover easily folds down around the lift when not in use. When the stairlift is needed, the cover is lifted up and out of the way of the seat, footrests, and armrests and remains attached to the unit.

Stannah Stairlifts

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In Home Evaluations

We offer in home stair lift evaluation and a showroom for our customers to come and test drive the many models we offer. Contact us today