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Stannah put their stairlifts through vigorous testing methods to ensure that safety is always paramount. Call us today at (888) 542-3834 if you need a skilled and dedicated Stannah staff

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Ask around or look online to find out which dealer has an excellent reputation. Stannah makes high-quality stairlifts, and you can trust that if you buy from us, you’ll get an assessment, installation. Call us today at 888.542.3834. to book a free assessment for a Stannah stairlift.

Consider Only Safe Stairlifts

Whenever you want to buy a stairlift, it is imperative that you consider safety. Stannah Stairlifts all come with safety features such as seat belts,  obstruction sensors, fold able seats and much more. Visit our show room for the best in Safe stairlifts.

Stairlifts Maintenance

Stairlifts Maintenance

Stannah Stairlifts Maintenance Tips.

Climbing stairs is one of the most challenging tasks for the elderly or people suffering from mobility issues. A Stannah stairlift can resolve this problem and is ideal for homes that don’t have enough space to install an elevator. However, continuous use of Stannah stairlifts can cause wear and tear of its components, preventing it from working efficiently. Regular Stairlifts maintenance keeps your stairlift in good working condition and extends its lifespan. At Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, Centerville, UT, we would like to share with you some stairlifts maintenance tips.

Monitor the Performance Of Your Stairlift

It’s essential to monitor the performance of your stairlift and keep an eye out for following signs of problems:

  • A ride feels bumpy
  • Unusual noises
  • Error codes on the display
  • Juddering or slow start
  • Beeping sound (it may be a sign of a low battery or an alert to an error code)

How Do I Maintain My Stannah Stairlift?

After purchasing a Stannah stairlift, ensure you read the instruction manuals since it’ll help familiarize yourself with the basic operating rules and guide you to use the device appropriately. You will find instructions in the manual that relate to the battery of the stairlift and its movable parts. You must follow them properly to keep your Stannah lift in good working condition. Below are some useful Stairlifts maintenance tips:

  • An effective way to maintain the lifespan of your stairlift is cleaning its track. Always use a damp (but not wet) cloth or duster to wipe over the seat, and track at least once a week to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust. Always disable the stairlift (by removing the key) before cleaning the track.
  • As part of Stairlifts maintenance, lubricate the track after every three months to prevent movement deterioration issues. Avoid the use of detergents and solvents since they can be abrasive. Instead, grease the entire track with the recommended lubricant.
  • Check the moving parts such as footrest and cable, arms and swivel seat. Ensure that the seat isn’t loose and doesn’t wobble. Check the seat locking mechanism. Ensure that the seat locks fully and is secure. It’s essential to lubricate the swivel seat every six to twelve months depending on the extent of usage.
  • If the stairlift has a trailing cable, you should inspect it regularly for signs of cracks or any other damage. You should keep the cable out of the way to prevent tripping risks to the users. Lubricate outdoor trailing cables with silicone spray. For indoor trailing cables, use talcum powder.
  • You should charge the batteries fully. Generally, you should also replace them every one to two years (depending on the use and as recommended in the owner’s manual). Keep the battery charger in a safe and dry place to prevent condensation from forming in the charger.
  • Check all mounting screws and bolts to ensure they’re tight. Make adjustments if necessary.
  • Inspect the wheels and track to ensure that they’re in good working condition, without any cracks. Replace the wheel if it doesn’t rotate freely.

Stairlifts Maintenance

Regular Stairlifts maintenance is very important to keep a stairlift in good working condition. Purchase of a Stannah stairlift from a reputable dealer, like Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, will ensure prompt and efficient stairlift maintenance services by highly trained technicians.

Do you want to learn more about Stannah stairlifts maintenance tips? Don’t hesitate to call us today at (888)-542-3834 or visit our local store, 623 N 1250 W, Centerville, UT 84014.

Stairlifts Maintenance

Stairlifts Maintenance

Qualities of a Stair lift

Qualities of a Stair lift

In the past, individuals facing mobility issues, either because of age, health issues such as diabetes, or a disability, were confined to one floor of a home or purchased a single-floor, ranch-style home. Mobility solutions, in recent years, have become more affordable, and out of all possibilities, stair lifts are the most economical.

Qualities of a Stair lift

On a basic level, a stair lift has a straightforward design. A rail, or track, is installed alongside a wall, and a chair moves up and down. Typically, a swivel seat folds up at both ends to provide an unobstructed pathway for other users. However, as certain stair lifts support wheelchairs, some models, called “platform lifts” or “inclined wheelchair lifts,” feature a skid-free platform and a ramp. Both standard and platform models can be installed inside a house and outdoors.

To use either system, the user sits in the chair or moves onto the platform, buckles ups, places his or her arms on the arm rests and feet on the foot rest, and rides the lift up or down to the next floor. When the stair lift is not being used, the foot rest, arm rests, and seat can be folded up to create a clear walkway for anyone else who needs to use the stairs.

Although mobility and independence needs are similar, stair lifts can fit an individual’s size or a home’s structure. Narrow lifts match the limited space of certain stairways, while extra-large outdoorssystems have been known to accommodate individuals up to 500 pounds. Outdoor stair lifts, as well, are built to resist long-term exposure to the elements while helping family members up dangerous ice- and snow-covered steps.

There are two types of tracks used for stair lifts, straight and curved. Most use the straight track that brings the chair straight up and down. However, there are many homes where the stairs take a turn before they reach the next floor. If this is the case in home, a curved track is essential. Priced higher than straight models, a custom track is manufactured for this situation and allows the chair to take a turn and reach the next floor without stopping. Manufacturers, after taking an assessment, take into account the arcs and curves of a staircase, as well as any landings.

Although different formats and sizes exist, stair lifts have similar functionality. Installed alongside a wall, it moves an individual from one floor to another. They are efficient and compact, meaning they do not cost much to maintain and will not hinder other people from using the stairs. Most stair lifts use a rechargeable battery that charges whenever it is not in motion. This ensures full battery power at all times and that it can still run in the event of a power outage. A full battery charge will be good enough for up to 40 trips in the event of a power outage.

Do you have mobility issues and are thinking of purchasing a stair lift? Call the best in the business – Mountain West Stair lift Utah.

Stair Lift

Qualities of a Stair lift

Stairlifts for those with Disabilities

Stairlifts for those with Disabilities

A stairlift is ideal for anyone having difficulty with stairs due to disabilities. There are several disabilities such as multiple sclerosis and sciatica that can render someone nearly completely unable to climb the stairs. These people with disabilities deserve a better quality of life that they can count on time and time again. Having a stairlift in your home eliminates the difficulty of climbing up and down the stairs.

Stannah Stairlifts offers stairlifts for people with disabilities with a variety of features such as adjustable seat height, folding steps, seatbelts soft start and soft stop. We offer a large selection of high-quality and affordable stair lifts backed by a comprehensive warranty with 24/7 on-call support, including narrow, custom, extra large, outdoor and wheelchair platform stair lifts that are ideal for your home. We also have models for all types of stairs, from narrow stairways that are common in older homes to curved staircases and porch stairs. We offer stair lifts for people with disabilities that are customized to the architecture of your home.

Our stairlifts for straight staircases feature rails that are cut to match the length of your staircase and can be configured to run along the left or right side of the steps. Curved stair lifts feature custom built rails to match the contour of the staircase and can also curve around a banister. Our trained technicians can install curved stair lifts with the professional expertise required to accommodate the stair case in your home. This makes navigating stairs for those with disabilities very simple.

Popular Stairlifts for People with Disabilities

One of our most popular Stannah Stairlift models is the Siena 260. This stairlift is affordable for most budgets and usable in most homes. The Siena model has the only seatbelt designed just for a stairlift, making it a much more secure ride. The Sadler Stairlift is designed for curved stairs. It’s designed for people who fit it difficult to sit down or bend their knees. With an adjustable seat height, it’s designed to fit each user.

Contact us toll free at 888-542-3834 for more information about the Siena 260 and other convenient models. Stannah Stairlifts has the stairlift that makes life easier for elderly or individuals with disabilities who can enjoy their homes with greater mobility with a professionally installed and serviced stairlift from the industry leader.


Stairlifts for those with Disabilities

Sadler Stairlift

  • The saddle-style seat raises and lowers helping the user transfer in and out of the chair with ease. Engineered for stairs that turn, this chair places the user in an upright position, without unduly stressing the knees.

Siena 260 a Stairlift For Curved Stairs Stairs

The new Siena chair from Stannah is compatible with their curved stairlift rails. The chair seat and arms can be neatly folded up when not in use and the footrest is raised by means of a lever at the side of the stairlift. The Siena comes with a choice of 5 different vinyl upholstery colors.

Electric Chair Lift

Electric Chair Lift

Stairs pose a tremendous challenge for many people. Some find climbing and descending stairways either very difficult or impossible. Stairs also pose a barricade to individuals using wheelchairs. For both residential and commercial applications, Stannah Stair Lifts delivers solutions to transform stairways from obstacles into open pathways. Frustrating mobility issues are overcome with electric chair lift options, including chair and platform-style electric chair lifts.

An electric chair lift is a fantastic solution for individuals limited by stairways. Stannah Stair Lifts is a national leader in helping people to find appropriate electric chair lifts to triumph over mobility limitations regarding stairs. Electric chair lifts are available in many styles and sizes to fit even narrow and curved stairways. For people that can walk comfortably on level terrain, the safe and reliable transition from one level to another will enable free movement and restore independence.

Electric chair lift options

We offer a full range of electric chair lift options to suit residential as well as commercial installations. Stannah Stair Lifts transforms lives as a nationwide leader in mobility solutions. We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations transform limiting stairways with durable, safe, and reliable transition area transportation.

For people that rely upon wheelchairs to move safely about, electric chair lifts are a good option if transitioning in and out of a wheelchair is a possibility. One wheelchair may be kept on each level of a home, and the electric chair lift will safely bypass the stairs. However, many people are not able to transfer in and out of their wheelchair so easily to appreciate an electric chair lift to overcome stairways.

In these cases, a better option would be a platform-style electric chair lift. These platform lifts are designed to carry passengers while seated in their wheelchairs safely over stairways and inclined terrain. These lifts can cover distances up to forty feet. Anyone requiring wheelchair accessibility will find such an electric chair lift liberating. To get a quote on an electric chair lift, contact Stannah stair lifts today!

Best Stair Lifts

Electric Chair Lift

Woods Cross Stairlift Store

Woods Cross Stairlift Store

Our company’s Woods Cross Stairlift Store provides 100 % installation, sales plus service with regards to the finest stairlifts throughout the current market! Presented by Stannah a major family ran establishment for over one hundred forty yrs. Just what helps make us the particular Woods Cross Stairlift Store of choice is definitely the inescapable fact that our group have been helping consumers like you gain their independence and mobility while being in a position to stay in the actual property they cherish.

Drop by our nearby Woods Cross Stairlift Store or simply have an in home evaluation.

A good number of people today wish to pay a visit to our company’s near by Woods Cross Stairlift Store showroom and tend to be happily astounded to find out the fact that stairlifts are actually our only business. Our team will totally focus upon helping individuals like you obtain the particular stairlift which in turn is appropriate when it comes to them and thier necessitates, with a large number of features to pick from. Positioning us separate from the one size fits all on-line supliers. The worst action that may possibly take place may be that the Stair lift be chosen and possibly not be workable or satisfy every requirement, which makes your financial commitment a waste. This unique professional evaluation, determines and take into concern the measuring and checking the actual building attributes of the house. It will also take into account your personal issues or functions and physical stature making sure that the actual Stair lift is without question 100% accurate in your situation

Types of Stairlifts

Despite the fact that mobility in addition to independence demands are the same, stair lifts can easily suit your personal proportions or a house’s layout. Slender stairlifts match up the small space connected with unique stairways, whereas extra-large equipment have actually been proven to have capacity for those people up to five-hundred lb. Outside the house stair lifts, as well, are developed to withstand long-term vulnerability to the elements while helping family members up dangerous ice- and snow-covered stairways

The installation

Each time our Woods Cross Stairlift Store comes to individuals for the purpose of an installation we are qualified and insured professionals. When you consider that Stannah stair lifts are integrated to the treds, instead of your wall surface, the operation is prompt, really clean as well as simple. Our friendly technicians will work having the very least unnecessary ado, and is going to clean up afterwards, testing the stair lift meticulously along with explain to you exactly how to make use of it well before they leave. Regarding stair lift installations, do not do it personally. Stairlifts ought to be attached by using experienced specialists pertaining to safety. In lots of cities, it truly is unlawful to fit a stairlift without having a permit as well as specialized contractor’s license. And also reliability and endurance connected with the devices are based upon correct installment and maintenance. The product truly must be mounted and maintained utilizing a professional technician to hold its warrantee. Thus please be sure to definitely depend on our business as your own Woods Cross Stairlift Store when it comes to thorough installations.

In the role of the Woods Cross Stairlift Store of choosing we enquire?

Exactly what is most important to consumers considering that each individual has different ideas concerning what is important to them. Are stair lift guarantees important? Stairlift basic safety?, 24/7 service? Look and feel? Installations? Glimpse at our stairlift purchasing check list to see if our group may help you today.

Woods Cross Stairlift Store Stair lift

We are your Woods Cross Stairlift Store call Mountain West Stairlifts today!

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