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Consider Only Safe Stairlifts

Whenever you want to buy a stairlift, it is imperative that you consider safety. Stannah Stairlifts all come with safety features such as seat belts,  obstruction sensors, fold able seats and much more. Visit our show room for the best in Safe stairlifts.

Stair Safety

Stairs are considered the most dangerous area of the home. With stair-lifts, you are guaranteed safety through times where the stairs are a challenge. Do you face a challenge using the stairs? If so, contact us today. We can help.

Stairlift Safety Centerville Utah

Basic Stairlift Safety Features

Despite everything working correctly, there’s still a chance of an accident caused by animals, people or things a user has no control over when using stair lifts. Stannah stair lifts are powerful and reliable, but they can pose a risk to both the user and others if not used correctly. Fortunately, Stannah builds in some essential stairlift safety features to reduce the risk to everyone and everything. These features include:

  1. Automatic Seat Lock -Using a stairlift without the seat locked in position will be a considerable danger to the user both while getting on or off the stair lift seat and while traveling up the stairs. Nearly all stair lifts have a swivel seat at one end of the travel and most swivel at both ends.
  2. Seat Belt – If a user falls out of the stair lift seat along the travel of the stair lift, he or she can be injured severely. Therefore, the use of seat belt prevents such an accident. The seat belt is the most basic safety feature built into the Stannah Stairlifts.
  3. Seat Lock Switch – Many models of Stannah stairlifts have seat lock switch that prevents the lift from operating unless the user has locked the seat in the right position.
  4. Arm Position Switch -Like the seat lock switch, arm position switch prevents the stair lift chair from moving unless the arms are in the correct position.
  5. Momentary Activation Switch – This kind of switch is only activated when there’s pressure on it. It’ll shut down the stair lift if the pressure is released. A momentary switch is a switch that activates the stair lift. If for any reason, a user releases the pressure from the momentary switch the stair lift will stop automatically.
  6. Foot Rest Bumper Switch – If the bumper hits anything during the travel of the stair lift the chair will stop moving until you remove the thing that’s hit from the stairway. Footrests on Stannah stairlifts have micro switches along each side so the stair lift will automatically stop if they come in contact with any obstruction on the stairway. If a user is alone and cannot remove the obstacle, the lift will operate in the opposite direction, so they’re not stranded in the chair.

At Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, Centerville, UT, we will not only help you to get the most competitively priced Stannah stairlifts on the market, but they’ll come with the most advanced stairlift safety features available as standard.

For more information on any of these safety features, or for a free no-obligation quote, please call us today on (801) 438-7707 or fill out our online form and we will call you back!

Stairlift Safety


The Stannah Commitment

Stannah is committed to its objectives, including upholding the best standards of quality, design and workmanship plus the highest levels of stairlift safety.

Important Tips On Stairlift Safety

Stairlift Safety

As years go by, our bodies become frail and weaker; little things that we used to do with great ease become uphill tasks. One of the most daunting tasks to an elderly person is that one of going up a fleet of stairs. If you or a member of the family finds themselves groaning after going up some stairs, it might just be the right time to purchase a stairlift. For the aged, stairlift machines are real life savers. This is because they are able to gracefully carry one from one floor of the house to another. While these little machines are very important, there are some grave accidents that may happen if they are not handled well. Below are some stairlift safety tips that one should always remember:

Stairlift Safety Features

Just like with car seats, stairlifts have seatbelts that should always be strapped when in use. Although the ride up or down the stairs is a smooth one without jolts or abrupt stops, it is possible for accidents to happen and one may end up tumbling down the stairs if the seatbelt is not fastened.

We all know how curious kids when they find a new thing that they can play with. It is therefore important to ensure that they are not allowed to use the stairlift without a grownup’s supervision. Cautioning them about the dangers involved when using a stairlift is a good way to ensure that they keep off.

Stairlifts are designed in a way that the seats are foldable. This makes sure that they don’t cause obstruction for other people who are using the stairs. It is therefore important to ensure that you fold the seat after use to avoid the possibilities of people tripping over it.

Many stairlifts are equipped with obstruction sensors that stop them from moving whenever they come into contact with an object in their path. This is usually important for those with pets because in many instances, a pet will not understand that it should not be running around your feet when using the stairlift.

Stairlift Safety Research

Lastly, when purchasing the stairlift, it is always important that it has all the stairlift safety features. Take your time before arriving at your decision; research on the company that is known to make reliable stairlifts and is also good at their installation. Once you have made the decision to buy, get an expert to install it for you. Once the stairlift is installed, look after it as will without a doubt be looking after you.

Stairlift Safety

Stairlift Safety

Stairlift Safety

Modern stair lifts are supplied with a number of safety features. People who use stair lifts also need to operate them in a way that does not endanger their safety. Today’s stair lift should be fitted with safety sensors. These will discover any obstruction that lies in the path of the stair lift and send a message back to the stair lift control system which should then bring the lift to a halt until the object in the way can be removed.

In Utah Stairlift Guarantee’s Make a Difference

Whats the difference is a stairlift with proper guarantees

Guarantee’s and Warranties are not always what they seem. Buying a Stairlift on the Internet virtually eliminates any Guarantee. They do not even have people to install the Stairlift , let alone to be available 24/7. Be sure that the company you by from has a shop, with factory trained and certified technicians, and a showroom with all types of Stairlifts. They should guarantee the Stairlift as long as you own it.