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The Siena 260 stairlift

The Siena 260 stairlift

Are you looking for reliable stairlift for your curved stairs? Search no more because the Siena 260 stairlift for curved stairs is here to serve you. The Siena 260 made to be functional and reliable to support you if you can’t bend your knees from using the stairs and from getting up. This stairlift is engineered to place your spine as close to the wall for right positioning, the Siena allows your feet securely placed on the footrest to provide a smoother ride on the stairs.

The Siena 260 stairlift features

The stairlift features an easy way to fold the chair in place, since the seat is linked to footrest, whenever you lift the seat the footrest is also raised to fold into a secure position, to make folding easier, also to provide space so other people can walk up and down the stairs without being obstructed by the stairlift. This stairlift also features an extra part for more safety when you reached the top of the stairs, which is very important to you, to prevent accidents. For easy yet secured seat belt, instead of you being tightly tucked down, this stairlift has a retractable seatbelt installed at the tip of one armrest and linked to a hole of the opposite armrest, it is so easy you can even latch the seatbelt with just one hand.

The Siena 260 has more safety features to provide you, like the downside armrest protection, this works when the armrest near the bottom of the chair is lowered, only then the chair will move when you press the controller, to make sure that you are safe while you the chair is moving up and down. The control for this stairlift is easy to access and certainly compliant, unlike other stairlifts that have hard switch or control, but the Siena 260 possesses a slightly soft and shaped control to allow it to be controlled by any parts of the hand.

The manufacturer of Siena 260, Stannah, is certified the best testing process in the industry. All products are tested and hasn’t failed to provide convenience and quality to last 10 years of use, while all products’ motor or gearbox that makes the stairlift function is tested and could last up to 20 years, therefore, this robust and beneficial stairlift will surely serve you perfectly.

Siena 260

The Siena 260 stairlift