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Home Stairlifts

How Home Stairlifts Makes Life Easier

If you or a family member has difficulty getting up and down the stairs, then home stairlifts are definitely something you will want to look into because it can bring back a sense of independence. Moreover, if you have a disability and live in a home with two floors, without having a lift, you may not be able to get to second floor at all, making living in your home difficult. However, with a home stairlift, you can get up and down the stairs safely in your wheelchair and therefore, make use of your entire home.

Moreover, the Stairlifts makes it possible for the elderly or those that need to be in a wheelchair less likely to need an aide because it gives them the freedom to get up and down the stairs with the touch of a button. The lift typically is secured sideways and then the person in the chair simply go to the bottom or top of the staircase and can easily be fastened so that getting up and down the stairs is no longer a challenge. However, since each staircase is different, there will be variations with how the list is installed.

The Stairlifts are professionally installed so that there is never any question in regards to safety, because they are designed with the utmost in safety features. Moreover, the lifts blend in well with the decor so that that people in your home that can walk up the stairs can do so without worrying about disturbing your lift. What’s more, the home stairlift is much safer for those that do not do well on ramps, which can be dangerous for the elderly or those that typically use electric chairs.

The lifts for the chairs are completely electric with batteries that continually remain charged so that whether you need to go up or down the stairs, you always have the power ready to go when you need to. What’s more the new lifts for stairs have sensors for safety, and they have a smooth operation so that those that are in pain are not jolted up or down the stairs, which means no pain in moving. The chairs have straps, much like a seatbelt in a vehicle does to keep the person from slipping out of the chair during the lift up or down.

Finally, home stairlifts come in different price ranges and many can receive help in paying for their lift especially if they do not have the luxury of moving to a single family home, which is often the case for many elderly people that have lived in their homes for many years and it is completely paid off. They simply cannot start over, which is why the stairlift makes the best sense for safety and independence.

Home Stairlifts

Straight and Curved Stair Lifts Options

 Stair lifts for any stairway imagined

Stair lifts can alleviate a lot of  issues, allowing anyone with mobility problems to remain in their own home and to continue to enjoy the same pleasures as other family members. Stair lifts are safe, reliable and affordable. They are designed, manufactured and installed with the customers wishes paramount. They are above all designed to have little or no impact on the decor of the customers home. Stair lifts were created to overcome nearly every challenge the design of a home can throw at them. There is a solution and a stair lift for every circumstance. Stair lifts are designed for not only straight traditional staircases but for every style of staircase. If a staircase is curved, has bends or right angles, even corners a stair lift will still be suitable.

Stair lifts meet the challenge

It is assuring that despite the difficulties a staircase can present not only is there a stair lift that can meet the challenge it will be as safe and reliable as any stair lift made for ‘normal’ staircases. This reassurance is invaluable in helping the user to feel safe and secure. These well designed stair lifts allow users to effortlessly move from one floor of home to another when it suits them and without the need for assistance, no longer risking the safety of a helper. All stair lifts have in built safety features and are easily maintained and economical to run. In fact a stair lift will cost less to run annually then a household kettle. The stair lifts are battery powered with a back up source of power in case of power cut offs and include an obstacle sensor for added piece of mind. As with straight staircase lifts they are comfortable with a padded seat which folds up saving space when not in use.

Stair lifts offer greater freedom

By having a stair lift installed the user is given a degree of independence back and the feelings of frustration are somewhat removed. The feeling of liberty is important to everyone and for a person with mobility issues it is no less important. Many people quite mistakenly feel that if they have a staircase that is a little different to the more common straight staircase they will not be able to enjoy the use of a stair lift. This is not the case as stair lifts are available for every eventuality and will do the same brilliant job on straight or curved stairs.

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Outdoor Stairlifts Enjoy the outdoors again

Increasing Mobility with Outdoor Stairlifts

Imagine spending the majority of your life confined indoors, often the problem is not the challenges people face while outdoors it is the act of getting out of the home. Many people with mobility issues lead a rewarding, demanding life outdoors. The availability of mobility scooters, prosthetic limbs and adapted vehicles helps in this regard. The challenge for many is the task of completing that first hurdle. Many people now live in homes where it requires the use of steps to get outside. For many the chore of negotiating these steps is daunting. The fear of falling or losing support can force many people to remain indoors.

Outdoor stairlifts can be an ideal way of overcoming challenges.

Stair lifts allow the user to comfortably, safely and effortlessly leave their home and enjoy all the benefits that the great outdoors can offer. Outdoor stairlifts are built to withstand the elements, they are reliable, very low maintenance and affordable.

They will not be beaten by the weather and are designed to withstand the heat, rain and wind. Above all they are designed to be reliable and safe, giving complete piece of mind to the user. Outdoor stairlifts are easy to use and are designed, manufactured and installed with the customer in mind. Most outdoor stairlifts include features such as a light touch joystick for operation, a sensor to detect obstructions and a seatbelt to give an added sense of safety. Outdoor stairlifts are powered by a self charging battery and have a source of independent power in case of power failures. They are comfortable, a padded seat helps, and a protective cover that helps keep the seat dry. They also feature a key system which allows the stair lift to be deactivated when not in use. The stair lifts are installed by professionals and the installation is hassle free and completed with the customers wishes in mind.

When installed outdoor stairlifts can help anybody with mobility issues enjoy many pleasurable things.

Users can get outdoors to relax in the garden or to meet family and friends without having to wait for or to ask for assistance. The users feel safe and independent which goes a great way to alleviate the feeling of dependability. Many organizations, companies and employers now use stair lifts to enable more people to enjoy their services. Employers can retain valued staff members who have lost or had their mobility reduced. The low installation and running costs are a great incentive to anybody who wishes to install outdoor stair lifts at their home, or building/office.

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The independence that installing outdoor stairlifts generates can be vitally important for anybody with mobility issues. Mobility issues can be a major obstacle but outdoor stairlifts can and do help



Stay in the Home you Love w/ a Stairlift

Stay in your home with a Stairlift

Over time it’s inevitable that some of our physical abilities will begin to decline.  It’s natural and is simply a part of life.  While losing some of the mobility that you once enjoyed due to age or injury may be unavoidable, what you can do is ensure that it doesn’t force you to make changes in your life that you don’t want to make.

If you are now physically challenged and live in a home with a staircase there is a solution available that doesn’t involve giving up the home that you love.  By having our stairlifts installed in your home you can not only stay in your home, but also enjoy all of it once again.  You shouldn’t have to sell your home if you don’t want to.  You also should not be forced to live on only one floor of your home.  By having a stairlift installed in your home you can enjoy your home the way that you should be able to.

The stairlift has been used for over 80 years

Stairlifts are a proven way to help people who are physically challenged safely navigate a staircase.  They are sold with many different options available, and there is certain to be a stairlift that will fit your staircase and meet your needs.  Making the mistake of trying to navigate a staircase when you lack the physical capability to do so can be dangerous or even deadly.  Selling a home that you have probably lived in and loved for many years is another option that you probably don’t want to consider.  Instead of risking walking up and down a staircase, or selling a beloved home, why not have a stairlift installed instead? Why not keep your home and enjoy it the way you should be able to? Stairlifts are an affordable way for people who have a physical disability to be able to keep their home.  As an added safety feature, stairlifts are powered by a rechargeable battery.  This means that in the event of a power outage your stairlift will still be able to get you safely up and down a your staircase.

Take Control with a stairlift

While aging and a loss of mobility is an unavoidable part of life that you cannot control, you can control the extent to which it impacts your lifestyle.  You can make a decision to find ways to still enjoy the things that you love, even as your physical abilities begin to decline.  Having to give up your home due to it having a staircase should never be something that you are forced to consider.  Instead of making this difficult decision, there is a much easier decision to make instead.  You can decide to get a stairlift installed in your home and no longer fear having to walk up and down the stairs again.  Don’t allow a disability to dictate how you live your life.  Don’t walk away from a home that you love because of a staircase.  Have a stairlift installed and continue to live in the home that you know and love.

Stairlift Mobility Options