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Stairlifts for those with Disabilities

Stairlifts for those with Disabilities

A stairlift is ideal for anyone having difficulty with stairs due to disabilities. There are several disabilities such as multiple sclerosis and sciatica that can render someone nearly completely unable to climb the stairs. These people with disabilities deserve a better quality of life that they can count on time and time again. Having a stairlift in your home eliminates the difficulty of climbing up and down the stairs.

Stannah Stairlifts offers stairlifts for people with disabilities with a variety of features such as adjustable seat height, folding steps, seatbelts soft start and soft stop. We offer a large selection of high-quality and affordable stair lifts backed by a comprehensive warranty with 24/7 on-call support, including narrow, custom, extra large, outdoor and wheelchair platform stair lifts that are ideal for your home. We also have models for all types of stairs, from narrow stairways that are common in older homes to curved staircases and porch stairs. We offer stair lifts for people with disabilities that are customized to the architecture of your home.

Our stairlifts for straight staircases feature rails that are cut to match the length of your staircase and can be configured to run along the left or right side of the steps. Curved stair lifts feature custom built rails to match the contour of the staircase and can also curve around a banister. Our trained technicians can install curved stair lifts with the professional expertise required to accommodate the stair case in your home. This makes navigating stairs for those with disabilities very simple.

Popular Stairlifts for People with Disabilities

One of our most popular Stannah Stairlift models is the Siena 260. This stairlift is affordable for most budgets and usable in most homes. The Siena model has the only seatbelt designed just for a stairlift, making it a much more secure ride. The Sadler Stairlift is designed for curved stairs. It’s designed for people who fit it difficult to sit down or bend their knees. With an adjustable seat height, it’s designed to fit each user.

Contact us toll free at 888-542-3834 for more information about the Siena 260 and other convenient models. Stannah Stairlifts has the stairlift that makes life easier for elderly or individuals with disabilities who can enjoy their homes with greater mobility with a professionally installed and serviced stairlift from the industry leader.


Stairlifts for those with Disabilities