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Denver Outdoor Stairlift Store

Denver Outdoor Stairlift Store

Without a doubt, “aging in place” is not a fun life to live. Most of us would much rather age on the go! However, as we grow older, our joints start to change and mobility becomes an issue. As we age, balance also often declines, which can lead to falls that cause injuries which affect mobility. When it comes to the home, the most difficult obstacle to overcome with limited mobility is stairs. Do you have a porch, deck or patio that you have difficulty navigating due to limited mobility? It’s bad enough dealing with the day-to-day mobility issues, but mobility becomes even a bigger issue during the rain and snow-producing seasons. How long as it been since you’ve been safely able to enjoy the outdoors?

The reason why Mountain West Stairlifts is the best Denver outdoor stairlift store is because they simplify the task of getting up and down any outdoor stairs. Mobility no longer becomes a big issue. The stairlift is meant to withstand severe weather and seasonal changes included strong wind gusts, snow and heavy rain, and it continues to provide mobility at maximum performance.

Denver outdoor stairlift store

We pair the most durable stairlifts with the most reliable service and full installation. We’ve been helping people increase their independence for over one hundred forty years. The individual remains in the home that they love. What makes us the best Denver outdoor stairlift store is we remove the fear of leaving your home in harsh weather conditions.

Durability and Performance

Another reason why Mountain West is the best Denver outdoor stairlift store is because we focus on performance and durability. The stairlift rides on a sturdy 4″ rail which attaches directly to the stair treads and not the wall. This increases safety. This is because stairlifts attached to the wall could cause the wall to collapse and the stairlift to unexpectedly fall. A fall could cause further injury or paralysis and should be avoided at all costs, so you want to make sure that the stairlift is securely attached to the stairs. The battery charges over time so your chair is always ready for use. A sturdy cover protects the stairlift from hail, rain and snow, so it is always at top performance.

Security and Safety

The outdoor stairlift has sensors that stop the stairlift when it touches something that obstructs its path. It also comes with a seat belt to prevent harm should an accident occur when using the stairlift. Keyed landing-controls prevent use other than by the owner. We make sure that you remain healthy and safe for many years of use of your stairlift.

Call our licensed professional at Mountain West Stairlifts today for more information about our stairlifts and an installation consultation.

best denvor outdoor stairlift store

Denver outdoor stairlift store