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Stannah Curved Stairlifts

Stannah Curved Stairlifts

The benefits of Stannah Curved Stairlift – Centerville, UT cannot be overemphasized. Are you living with a mobility issue? That shouldn’t mean that going up stairs or down the basement isn’t possible. Our homes are as unique as we are. As such, Stannah curved stairlifts is able to cater for this. There are many benefits of installing a curved stairlift in your home.

Stairlifts for Every Home

Gone are the days where a stairlift was a simple up/down linear affair. At Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, we sell curved stairlifts, Centerville, UT that provide a safe and effective mobility solution to suit every type of home.

Whether mobility issues arise through illness or aging, being able to move from one floor to another should never be impossible.

Stannah curved stairlifts offer a perfect solution to those with staircases with landings, spiral staircases, or even staircases that travel up many floors.

Stairlifts for Safety

Being assisted or carried up and down stairs by another person can lead to dangerous falls or trips. Staircases within private homes aren’t usually designed for two people walking up the same step at the same time. Therefore, install a curved stairlift in your home to remove this worry. As with any motorized mobility aid, safety is paramount. You can sit, secured, without the need for a caregiver who previously could’ve caused an accident while helping you.

Peace of Mind

Stannah curved stairlifts provides solutions for your mobility issue as easy and is very comfortable. You will regain the sense of independence that we all need to feel. Mobility issues can often leave you feeling as though you’re a burden on those who care for you. A custom-built stairlift enables you to undertake more for yourself.

Easy Installation

The technicians from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts can install a curved stairlift in your home without causing much disruption. We can install your new mobility aid within a day, once we have taken measurements of your staircase and fully quoted you.

Stannah Curved Stairlifts

Our technicians are highly trained to ensure your curved stairlift is installed quickly with the best care and electrical knowledge. If you would like to inquire about our curved stairlifts, Centerville, UT or have any questions about how we can improve your mobility in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts. Call us today at 888-542-3834.

Stannah Curved Stairlifts

Stannah Curved Stairlifts

Straight and Curved Stair Lifts Options

 Stair lifts for any stairway imagined

Stair lifts can alleviate a lot of  issues, allowing anyone with mobility problems to remain in their own home and to continue to enjoy the same pleasures as other family members. Stair lifts are safe, reliable and affordable. They are designed, manufactured and installed with the customers wishes paramount. They are above all designed to have little or no impact on the decor of the customers home. Stair lifts were created to overcome nearly every challenge the design of a home can throw at them. There is a solution and a stair lift for every circumstance. Stair lifts are designed for not only straight traditional staircases but for every style of staircase. If a staircase is curved, has bends or right angles, even corners a stair lift will still be suitable.

Stair lifts meet the challenge

It is assuring that despite the difficulties a staircase can present not only is there a stair lift that can meet the challenge it will be as safe and reliable as any stair lift made for ‘normal’ staircases. This reassurance is invaluable in helping the user to feel safe and secure. These well designed stair lifts allow users to effortlessly move from one floor of home to another when it suits them and without the need for assistance, no longer risking the safety of a helper. All stair lifts have in built safety features and are easily maintained and economical to run. In fact a stair lift will cost less to run annually then a household kettle. The stair lifts are battery powered with a back up source of power in case of power cut offs and include an obstacle sensor for added piece of mind. As with straight staircase lifts they are comfortable with a padded seat which folds up saving space when not in use.

Stair lifts offer greater freedom

By having a stair lift installed the user is given a degree of independence back and the feelings of frustration are somewhat removed. The feeling of liberty is important to everyone and for a person with mobility issues it is no less important. Many people quite mistakenly feel that if they have a staircase that is a little different to the more common straight staircase they will not be able to enjoy the use of a stair lift. This is not the case as stair lifts are available for every eventuality and will do the same brilliant job on straight or curved stairs.

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