Starla 600 Stairlift

Starla 600 Stairlift Stannah

Starla 600 Stairlift: Suppliers And Installers

We are the finest supplier and installer of the Starla 600 Stairlift. Indeed, we are one of the approved firms to sell & install stairlifts. We deal with both curved and straight stairs & staircases.

Before they leave our service center, all the Starla 600 Stairlifts that we supply have gone through a wide 47-point check. That way, we make sure that all the stairlifts that we supply and install are of high-quality. Because of that, we always ensure that our clients are 100% happy, and entirely satisfied with sales and installations. In fact, we rated in the top because of complete client satisfaction, and great customer service.

In addition to quality product and service, we offer peace of mind warranties. For sure, all stairlifts that we supply or install are original Stannah stairlifts. Besides, all our products and services are backed by our complete peace of mind warranty that offers a full 24-month cover & access to quality service and expert engineers support.

A Trusted Company

We are the best suppliers and the leading professionals in the installations of both curved and straight stairlifts. Indeed, the Starla 600 Straight Stairlift is the newest addition to the family of Stannah stairlift. The expertly designed seat always make this stairlift the most ergonomic chair. It is designed in a way that it ensures security & comfort of the user.

Also, it comes with more custom options compared to other stairlifts. It can be modified to fit the interior of a home; whether it classic or contemporary.

Others Features Are:

• Seat Load Sensors

The seat has a sensor that will detect when one is sitting down. This stairlift will not function until the user is safely and comfortably seated.

• Simple-To-Use Seatbelts

In order to provide the user with more safety, and also to accommodable individuals that have less dexterity, the stairlift has an expertly designed seatbelt with can be fastened easily using one hand.

• Safety Edges

In case the stairlift is obstructed by something, the sensors that are on the edges of the carriage & footrest will bring it to a safe stop automatically.

Easily ride it using ergonomic, intuitive, simple controls that were designed for individuals who have less dexterity.

Give Stannah a call today. We are genuine suppliers of high-quality Starla 600 Stairlifts. In addition, we provide all our customers with the finest stairlift installation services. We are affordable and reliable. Choose us today.

Starla 600 Stairlift


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