Starla 600 Stairlift

Starla 600 Stairlift

Starla 600 Stairlift is a contemporary design with innovative features for easy up-down movements on curved and straight stairs. Choosing starla design will uphold the reliability and quality of safety values. It can be tailor-made for custom options that suit any home interior.

Benefits Of The Starla 600 Stairlift

Flexible to offer incredible adaptability – Stairlift offers ultimate flexibility that is adaptable to give incredible stairlift. The operational procedure is simple for any person by simply settle on the comfort seat, experience the comfort as desired and give a light touch to the controls for up or down movements.

Reliable and safe – The Starla 600 stairlift features a straight rail made of high-quality cover with a stylish finish to protect against dust into the mechanism. This advanced yet secure stair chair is fitted to stair treads on any side of the staircase. The motor is constantly charging so that the battery powered movements are continuously functional without failure.

Has custom designed turns – The Starla stairlift is designed differently for every home with the rails in length with the staircase. This gives it a perfect contour that wraps closely with the surroundings. The snug fit ensures that there is enough space for other staircase users without blocking the way.

Automatic controlled – Since the Starla 600 Stairlift is made to make life simpler, it helps any user gain their independence. It features wall mounted controls for easy mobility from one floor to another and sending it up or down to someone else who would like to use. The automatic controls on all stair ends make it shared by multiple people without the need to move it along by yourself.

Fit and strong – It has a slim rail that occupies less space. The rail is composed of a robust material that is strong and themed according to your home. The best part is that every Starla 600 stairlift is available in a number of colors ideal for any individual taste

Features Of The Starla 600 Stairlift

The numerous features of the Starla 600 such as swivel levers, seat sensor, seat belt, on/off switch, key lock system, easy folding, arm isolation, powered footrest and sizeable dimensions keep it one of its kind in the market. Most importantly is to choose stairlift from a reputable company that will have their professionals install and maintain it. While for some people this can be viewed as unecesary, it is important noting that comfort, health and good living standards go hand-in-hand with safety. Get the right home tools installed the right way and get a lifetime benefits.


Starla 600 Stairlift

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