Starla 260 Stairlift – A Stannah Story

Starla 260 Stairlift

When our mom fell this spring and lost most of the mobility in her knee, we knew that she would face her biggest challenge since dad died. That wasn’t going to be easy for a lady who was active in our church, attended city council and school board meetings weekly and took care of her yard with pride.

If losing those parts of her life were hard, they were nothing compared to the thought of having to move her away from home.

She has never been dependent on anybody, even when dad was with us.

The week after she fell was tough for all of us. It looked as though we were going to have to place her in a nursing home. After talking about what that would do to her, we knew it wasn’t an option.

So, we put a lot of thought into how we could still have mom close to us and in the home she and dad made. We looked for ways that she could still get around.

Through researching ways for her to move around in comfort, we found a solution for getting up her stairs. The Starla 260 Stairlift was the perfect fix for our family and more importantly, our mom.

We were thrilled with the Starlift. It allowed her to ride safely in a chair mounted to the stair rail. Mom’s staircase is curved, but that wasn’t a problem. The Starla 260 Stairlift easily moves up and down the rail. In fact, it’s the best mobile chair we found for curved stairs. The competitors we looked at weren’t even close.

Getting Starla 260 Stairlift Installed

It only took a few hours. Mom was especially excited about it and it was obvious it meant a lot to her.

We were thrilled to find out that her condition wouldn’t cause any problems. Her foot did the work, just like the gas pedal on a car. There was no bending or stooping over and best of all, no pain because of operating the chair.

Starla 260 Stairlift Features

Besides not having to use those muscles in her condition, the arm rest and buckle secure her safely and comfortably for the times when we aren’t around. That gives us a feeling of security that we need.

It was also great to find out how little space it took on the stairs. It is not too bulky or big. There haven’t been any problems walking down or up those stairs for the rest of us. It folds and unfolds easily. Even when it isn’t folded, it isn’t in the way.

Another great feature of the Starla 260 Stairlift is that when the battery begins to run low, a signal tells that it is time to recharge. The last thing she needs is a surprise like a dead battery.

It’s the best gift we ever gave her and it is a great gift to us, knowing our mom is a closer to feeling like herself again.


Starla 260 Stairlift

Starla 260 Stairlift

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