Stairlift Repair Mountain West

Stairlift Repair Mountain West

Stairlift Repair Mountain West

While Stannah stairlifts are designed to give your years of reliable services, as with any mechanical/electrical equipment, a fault may occur any time. This is why Stannah Stairlift Repair Mountain West offers comprehensive stairlift repair Mountain West.

Common Stairlift Problems

Troubleshooting Tips and Things to Check

If your stairlift isn’t working well, won’t stop beeping, or making a strange noise, then you need to check a few things before calling a professional for stairlift repair Mountain West. These items may save you a repair call, and the cost and even get your stairlift up and running again.

Most common things to check before calling a technician, include:

  • Power supply
  • Key Switch
  • Error Codes
  • Battery Disconnect Switch

1. Key Switch

Although it may seem obvious, we often receive calls from stairlift users/owners only to find that the key switch has been accidentally turned off. The key switch can be located in a few different places, depending on your stairlift model.

One of the most common locations for a key switch is on the side of the top landing chassis. Other parts where the key switches are located are on the lower front cover and chair armrest. Once you find the key switch, turn it off and then back on to confirm its operation. Sometimes, a key switch may appear to be in the on position when it’s turned slightly off.

2. Power Supply

Confirm the power supply is plugged into a working outlet. The outlet may be off if the power supply is plugged in. Check to determine if the breaker has tripped or the outlet is a switched outlet.

If it is a switched outlet, you’ll want to have the power supply plugged into a dedicated outlet that’s always on. Circuits operate and control a stairlift, and a surge protector protects these circuits. After confirming the outlet is supplying power and the power supply is plugged in, then check the key switch.

3. Battery Disconnect Switch

A battery disconnect switch is the main shut off switch for a stairlift. The key switch and the battery disconnect have different functions. This switch removes power from the PCB and disables all functions of a stairlift.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate this switch. Different stairlift manufacturers fix this switch in different locations. Typically, they’re located in a place that will not be knocked into easily.

4. Error Codes

You will find a diagnostic display or error code in most stairlifts. It is good to go through the user manual to familiarize with these codes. Try to locate the diagnostic display and check the error code (s) shown to diagnose common stairlift problems.

You can get more details about the error code in your user manual. Some codes indicate simple problems while others will require professional stairlift repair Mountain West. Never take the cover off to try a repair! Call technicians from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts to fix your stairlift.

Need Stairlift Repairs Mountain West?

You can quickly check the items mentioned above. You don’t require any tools at all. Most common stairlift problems can be fixed without a service call. Remember, we don’t recommend opening the lift covers, and for safety concerns, only trained technicians should install, customized, or service any electrical or mechanical device on the stairlift.

Stairlift Repair Mountain West

If you need stairlift repair Mountain West, feel free to call Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts any time at (888) 542-3834. You can also use the contact form to request a free quote or make an inquiry.

Stairlift Repair Mountain West

Stairlift Repair Mountain West

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