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Stair Chair What You Need To Know

Stair Chair

The elderly and the disabled who cannot go up and down stairs easily would require a stair chair. The situation is even worse for those who live in two-story homes since they will have to use stairs on a daily basis.

Fortunately, at Stannah in the Mountain West, we came up with a great solution in the form of a chair for you or your loved ones. We provide a wide variety of high-quality stair chairs. The elderly or disabled will just sit on their stair chairs that lift them up and down the stairs. So, they wouldn’t risk potentially fatal falls down stairs.

Furthermore, Stannah manufactures and installs modern stair chairs which don’t call for any structural changes to your home and can’t damage your home décor or stairs. We design our stair chairs for quiet, efficient operation powered by regular house current or by two small 12-volt batteries under the seat.

Here are some top things to know when considering adding a stair chair to your home:

  1. Chair Stair Style

Selecting the right stair chair for your stairs assists, you get the most from the product. Stannah stair chairs are available in designs specific to curved stairways straight stairways, and outdoor stairways such as patio steps or front steps. The modular style of Stannah stair chairs allows for easy installation without any structural changes to your home.

2.  The Company

The importance of purchasing a stair chair from a reputable company is that they supply different models of stair chairs so that you can choose the best model of your choice. Since these products are reliable, safe and of high-quality, you can avoid the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

These companies often have samples of a working stair chair in their showroom that you can see how it operates. They can customize your stair chair and offer professional installation services. Their certified and factory-trained technicians can render timely and efficient maintenance, repairs and testing support to keep your equipment in good working condition.

3. Safety Features

All models of Stannah stair chairs include several safety features. The built-in footrest and chair usually fold up when not in use, enabling easy passage on the stairs. The Stannah stair chairs also feature sensors on the foot platform that’ll stop the lift when triggered.

Additionally, Stannah stair chairs have remote control components to make it easy for family or others to operate. The stair chair lifts include light touch controls, lockable swivel seats, and safety belts for easy operation by individuals with limited dexterity.

4. Support

Stannah stair chair offers support and aftercare from trained service technicians who can address any issues with your stairlift chairs. Also, look for a company such as Stannah which provides a warranty that covers the gearbox and motor on the stair chair for as long as you own it, plus a one-year warranty from the installation date on all other parts.

Chair Stair

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