“How refreshing!!!! We found Mountain West Stair Lifts after demanding a company that only sold stair lifts. We had just recently made some other major purchases from companies who seemed to sell everything from hearing aides to the kitchen sink. Boy was our experience a great one in contrast to that. We had a suspicion our experience would be a good one as we were referred by BILL GEPHARDT, we watched his television program for years and know when he endorses a company he really had done his research. This experience reinforced our respect for him also. Well there you have it two reviews in one.”

“Truly helpful and knowledgeable professionals . When I called about pricing on a stair lift I expected I might have a salesman come to the house… Instead of a salesman, a real health care professional came to our home. He performed a detailed health interview and determined my wifes physical abilities. The man that visited us had a detailed knowledge of my wifes specific diagnosis’s (Neuropathy as well as Crohn’s disease). He ascertained all of the health conditions and and analyzed all the options for accessibility to our home, even provided options that did NOT include a stair lift. It was very refreshing to not worry about being pressured. We were truly surprised how many options and features were available that catered directly to my wifes neuropathy. We are now both convinced we truly would have made a mistake if would have purchased from anyone but Mountain West Stair Lifts. We have had the lift installed for more than 6 months and only get happier and more confident in our purchase. We recommend these guys to everyone that comes into our home”

“Making inquiries about stair lifts was new to me as I knew nothing about them. Only that I knew I had to start considering this option. But Mountain West Stairlifts put me at ease and gave me the information I required to make an informed decision. I now have enough knowledge to recognize the different brands and their benefits. Jack Bountiful Utah.”

“SAVED MY BACON!!!! My wife had a stroke last month.The rehab had a person come to the house prior to her discharge and assure me my wife would be able to get to the bedroom when she got home. I have no kids locally and a limited support system to help me. I brought my wife home from rehab last week and to my terror my wife of 40 years had to sleep on the couch the fist night home because I could not get her up to the bedroom in our split level home. I called Mountain West Stair Lifts at 7 AM the next morning. They had a stair lift installed by 3 PM THE SAME DAY I CALLED. I will never forget how responsive they were in my time of need. By the way, my salesman, Corey King took the call @ 7 AM. I get the feeling these guys are not new to this exact situation. THANK YOU Mountain West Stair Lifts!!! THANK YOU COREY KING.”

“Great My mom is 83 and lives in my basement. It was getting harder and harder for her to get up and down the stairs. We called Mountain West and they came out and did their sales call. The next day they came out and measured. Five weeks later we had our custom chair lift installed. They were great to work with and the chair lift is fabulous. It was expensive but really it cost about the same as two months in a nursing home. Appreciate all your work Mountainwest. Carol and Pat”

“We were so Impressed!! We looked at 3 different brands of lifts, Invited 2 companies to come to the house, and finally went to 3 different show rooms. We bought a Stannah instead of the others based on the fact that when we really dug into it we found they were the only one really in the stairway elevator business. Mountain West Stair Lifts only sells stair lifts. Their showroom was a dedicated private environment where we really did see ALL of the options and not just one stair lift. The other places we went, we were left wondering what they really sold and if they would continue to even sell stair lifts. The installation was professional and the the warranty not to be beat. Finally, Bill Gephardt carried weight in the same way he has for years in major decisions in our home. He personally guaranteed his endorsement or he would give us $1000.00 out of his own pocket. after getting to know these guys i assure you Bill will never lose a dime with that promise. Our home is a different place, Thanks to them”

“Happy and safe parents. For the first time in 5 years I am not worried about my parents safety in their own home. A stair lift from Mountain West Stair Lifts has given me peace of mind. My dad refused to even consider a stair lift for the last 5 years. I even offered to pay for it and he was adamant that he could do the stairs and needed the exercise. Both me and my sisters were worried sick about those stairs. They have their laundry and their food storage in the basement. I bet they were both down there 3-4 times per day. Well, in June my dad fell down the stairs. After 2 months of rehab dad was finally ready to talk stair lifts. I spent 2 weeks on the internet from the time I got home from my law practice till I could not stay awake any longer. There are so many kinds of stair lifts and information out there it really took some time for me to clear away the garbage. I was very concerned about making the right decision for my parents. They refused to let me help financially with the purchase. You see, they are 88 years old with only a fixed income. I ended up recommending that a Stannah stair lift be purchased from Mountain West Stair Lifts. With all the time I spent on the internet, I did not find one negative report or review of any kind about Stannah. Every other manufacturer has a plethora of negative reports. The company is over 150 years old and still privately held. I then went about calling around the local stores and going to ALL the local showrooms. The stannah showroom was the only comprehensive showroom and they were the only company where all they did was stair lifts. The other local companies use the stair lift business as a secondary business. We went forward with the purchase and were truly impressed with how prompt the install was. The lifetime guaranty was as promised and they were clean and courteous. After such an exhausting reasearch process and a positive result, I felt compelled to share my experience with others. If your parents are not safe around their stairs I would recommend a stiar lift from Mountain West Stair Lifts”

“We just had a stairlift installed by these people. We shopped around a lot, ans still didn’t quite know what to do. It was quite a bit of money, we had it did not want anything to go wrong. The man that came to the house was extremely nice and very professional, and said they had a no risk guarantee. We asked our son In law about it and he looked into it. He said not only did they have a no risk Guarantee, but that Phil Gephardt’s company, Gephardt Approved, had an additional guarantee on it of $1000.00 cash if they didn’t live up to their word. He showed me on the internet, Mr. Gephardt’s company and his guarantee. We have seen him on TV for years, we trust him. I am glad we found him, because this is the Stairlift we wanted. There is no need to worry because Mr. Gephardt did the checking for us. We older folks can’t be to careful, Let Gephardt check it out for you. Neil & Thelma, Clearfield”

“HAD THE STAIR LIFT INSTALLED WITHIN 24 HOURS. Saved my parents lives for sure. Excellent service, honest representations, and we were also excited they were GEPHARDT APPROVED. We waited over a month prior to providing this feedback, as we have the tendency to wait for the other shoe to drop on all major purchases, Well, here we are, excited to report no surprises…. I would recommend again and again and already have.”

“Bill Gephardt recommended this wonderful company. Bill Gephardt told us he would personally give us $1000.00 if his recommendation didn’t pan out in any way. After seeing his critical research and digging up the dirt on TV for all those years he has always been a credible source to us. Well, after our experience with Mountain West Stair Lifts, we know he never took a risk at all. The man who came out to show us the information was so sensitive to the needs of my wife (who recently had a stroke) we felt like he was a member of the family. At our age (82,83) we have almost accepted being marginalized by younger people. Well, the fact the salesman was just a youngster at 60 made it a little easier. But, the professionalism left no doubt they had respect for our needs and truly wanted to help. They made the recommendations on the spot with a written proposal. We ordered the Stair Lift and to our surprise it was installed by the end of the week. No surprises, No regrets. Our biggest attraction to the Stannah line was the Lifetime Guarantee, we are a fixed income household and are always weary of unknown repair bills on anything. The lift has been in our home for over 2 months and has truly changed our lives, and, made our home safe again. Thank you for our new STANNAH.”

“I am a very Satisfied Customer. The men who run this store have been pillars in the community for years. I had many friends who had done business with them in the past. There was never a question who I was going to buy a stair lift from if I ever bought one. But, I had been referred to speak to them by many of my friends for the last 5 years. I told everyone I just didn’t need a stair lift yet and I was not that old. Well, I stopped in the showroom because I heard Bill Gephardt discussing the folks who run this company and he mentioned that sometimes people put them in too late and after they fall down the stairs. Well, in speaking to the men at the showroom I found out that many people who don’t need the stair lift all the time for their health still install it as a means to get the groceries and food storage up and down and only use it for their person when they are having one of those “Bad Days”. Well this really interested me as I always felt safe as long as I could keep ahold of the Banister and wanted the exercise of climbing the stairs. The problem was when I had things in my hands I could not hold on to the banister. Well…. I bought the stair lift. And to my surprise I use it every day with or with or without freight. I found it was so convenient and that I was able to save the energy I was exerting to climb the stairs and spend it on my grand Babies (Believe me they take plenty of energy). As I said I already knew these guys excellent reputation and credentials. I only wanted to put this review out there so that someone else might not think “I am to young for those things” Thank you Mountain West Stair Lifts.”



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