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Unknown Depression due to Mobility issues

There are lots of things we take for granted in our lives, mobility being one. The loss of mobility can have a devastating  affect on the individual, their immediate family and friends. Losing mobility is devastating and the everyday problems created by the loss of mobility are hard to comprehend. The loss of mobility can lead to feelings of isolation, futility and frustration. These emotions can fester and simmer under the surface leading to bouts of temper, anger and rage. When imagining issues around mobility many people automatically think about the loss of limbs forgetting that many otherwise able bodied people have mobility issues namely the elderly.

A major issue facing anyone who has lost their mobility or has seen it reduced through old age or illness is depression.

Depression is a silent danger that can that can surface at any time and to anybody, However, people with mobility issues are more likely to suffer depression then most. For the elderly the sense that after many active years they are no longer able to do the things they enjoy leads to a sense of frustration. For younger people with mobility issues the sense of injustice with life leads to frustration and increases the risk of depression. It is hard for people with full mobility to imagine the fear, loneliness and isolation that the loss of mobility can cause. Immediate family members and friends will show lots of support and this can be a vital asset, however, this support can often be resented by both parties as the loss of independence becomes more acute.

Quality of Life

In many cases the depression that mobility loss can cause will be accentuated by the sense that they can no longer lead a quality life in their own home. In their eyes for instance a house they have lived enjoyably in for several years is no longer available to them if it has stairs. The sense that they will no longer be able to enjoy the comfort of their bedroom or bathroom if they are situated on the first floor of the building will is devastating.

For many years now there has been help available to alleviate the cause of depression in people with mobility issues. A prime example is stair lifts. The assurance a stair lift can provide is immeasurable. Installing a stair lift in the home will go a great way to allowing a better quality of life to be enjoyed. Stair lifts while usually  fitted in the home can also be used to effortlessly transport customers down a flight of steps in a garden for instance allowing the user to enjoy time in the fresh air.

The stair lift provides a sense of independence that was before lacking.

They are safe, reliable and comfortable. Mountain West Stairlifts takes great steps to ensure that we meet all the users requirement. Installing a stair lift is hassle free, the stair lift blends in with existing decor and is affordable, both to install and run. A stair lift can play a vital role in keeping depression at bay and will most definitely help a person with mobility issues lead a better, happier and more independent life. They obviously will help to alleviate the cause of depression and will remove a barrier that has been placed in the way, allowing the user to enjoy certain things they believed would be denied to them.

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