Installing Siena 260 Stairlift

Installing Siena 260 Stairlift

Installing Siena 260 Stairlift

What You Should Know Before Installing Siena 260 Stairlift In Your Home.

Are you looking for a reliable stairlift for your curved stairs? Look no more because you can buy the Stannah Siena 260 stairlift for curved stairs from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts. The Siena 260 is here to serve you! It is made to be reliable and functional to support you if you cannot bend your knees from using your stairs and from getting up. Consider installing Siena 260 stairlift Centerville in your home. This stairlift is designed to position your spine as close to the wall for correct positioning. The Stannah Siena 260 Stairlift allows your feet securely placed on the footrest for a smoother ride on the stairs.

Siena 260 stairlift combines contemporary styling and design

The Siena 260 stairlift combines fresh, contemporary styling with the best in stairlift design. The five classic color options along with simple contours make the Siena a smart and practical choice for your home.

The Siena 260 stairlift comes with a custom-made dual rail that hugs the contours of your stairs properly and folds away neatly so that you can continue using the stairs as usual when you want to.

The Siena 260 stairlift can be fitted to all our rail solutions – straight, modular curved or bespoke curved – and folds away neatly to make use of space.

The Siena offers:

  • Practical range of vinyl upholsteries
  • Available in two seat widths
  • Our most popular stairlift and smart addition to any home
  • For straight rails and custom-made or modular curved rails
  • Optional automatic footrest fold button – no bending down.

Features and Benefits

Key features:

Swivel Seat

Using the levers allows you to swivel your seat easily, making it simpler and safer to get off the chair. Otherwise, you may choose to have a powered swivel seat that turns a chair to face the landing automatically.

Footrest Fold

You can fold away the seat and arms to store the stairlift away, and use the lever to raise the footrest. There is no bending down, which is useful at the top of your stairs.


Choose the seatbelt that suits your style and buckles up for added safety (retractable seatbelt – optional).

Safety edges

Sensors on the edge of the footrest and carriage will automatically bring your stairlift to a safe stop if something obstructs the stairlift.

Easy-to-use controls

Use the simple, intuitive controls that have been designed for users with less dexterity to ride the Siena 260 effortlessly. You can use your arm, wrist or hand to operate Siena, and it works with the lightest of touches.

Remote Controls

Ideal for calling your Stannah stairlift from another floor, or send it up or down to someone else who needs to use it.

Designed for straight and curved staircases

The Siena can be installed on a wide variety of staircases whether they’re curved or straight. It’s highly versatile. Our slimline straight rails are made to exact measure while our curved rails are made to fit the contours of your staircase with single or twin tube options available based on your requirements.

Easy and safe to use

The ease-of-use and safety are built into the Siena. Our standard seatbelt gives extra safety along with the sensors that bring the stairlift to a gentle stop if something obstructs it and removable keys to immobilize the stairlift if necessary.

Custom options

The Siena can be tailored to meet your needs and taste. Choose from upholstery options and rail colors to ensure the Siena 260 stairlift fits with your decor. Also, we offer optional extras such as different style seatbelts and powered swivel seats that you may consider when installing Siena 260 stairlift, Centerville.

Footrest fold options

The Siena comes with a seat-to-footrest link on the straight product or a manual lever as standard on the curved product to help avoid unnecessary inconvenience bending down to lift the footrest. Alternatively, there’s an option to have an automatic footrest fold button in the arm on curved or straight products for great convenience.

Optional features:
  • Sadler Seat for people with narrow staircases or lack of knee flexibility
  • Powered folding hinged track if you don’t have enough space at the bottom of your staircase
  • Two (2) way powered swivel seat with Starla chair option.

Installing Siena 260 Stairlift

Installing Siena 260 stairlift Centerville can help you make the most of your day. Contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts today to arrange your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION assessment. Call us today at (888) 542-3834 or fill out our contact form.

Installing Siena 260 Stairlift

Installing Siena 260 Stairlift

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