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Buying Home Stairlifts

Are you looking to enhance mobility and accessibility in your home? Moving from one floor to the next is a huge challenge to the elderly and physically challenged individuals. If you’re facing this challenge, a Stannah home stairlift can help you regain your independence. So, how do you choose home stairlifts that best suit your needs?

Do You Require Assistance Indoors Or Outdoors?

Today, you can find both indoor and outdoor home stairlifts in Centerville, UT. There are special outdoor Stannah stairlifts for individuals who need help getting up and down a set of stairs outside their home. They can withstand outdoor elements and have weather-tight covers that protect them when they’re not in use.

There several different models of Stannah home stairlifts designed to enhance mobility inside your home. The prices of home stairlifts, Centerville, UT vary. Therefore, you first need to come up with a budget for your stairlift.

From standard models to more stylish and luxurious models, choose the type of home stairlift that suits your needs and budget. Every model also has some weight limits, with special home stairlifts, Centerville, UT for individuals who don’t meet a specific weight requirement.

Is Your Staircase Curved Or Straight?

Knowing the type of your staircase (straight or curved) is very crucial when choosing a home stairlift. If you’re planning to install a stairlift on your straight staircase, then you’ll have more options.

However, you’ll need a special curved stair lift if your staircase takes a turn or curves before reaching the next floor. Curved stairlifts use custom-built tracks that are designed to fit your staircase. Therefore, you will be able to travel up and down any staircase in your home.

Are My Staircases Suitable For A Stairlift?

There is a wide range of home stairlifts available on the market today. You can find something that can work straight, curved or helical staircases. You can even find staircases that have a mixture of straight-flight stairs and intermittent landings or fan-like steps. There are custom-made rails designed to handle most of these configurations. Regardless of the type of staircase you have, Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts can find an effective solution.

Will I Need Any Building Work To Accommodate A Home Stairlift?

Sometimes an expert may recommend minor modifications to your property to ensure that the stairlift fits and travel safely. This happens rarely. Therefore, it should not be a cause for concern.

Stannah home stairlifts, Centerville, UT, can fit many staircases since they come with a variety of installation options. For instance, you can install some models of Stannah stairlifts on narrow staircases or near obstructions.

Our Stannah stairlift expert will provide you guidance and advice on any adaptation that might be needed in your home, such as moving a radiator to make room for your stairlift, making a windowsill flush or removal of a handrail.

At Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, we offer a free, no-obligation visit to your home. During this visit, our professionals will answer all the questions you may have and assess your needs and the staircase before recommending an appropriate solution. If you would like to know more about Stannah home stairlifts, call us today at (888) 542-3834.

Home Stairlifts

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