Holiday Gift For Seniors

Holiday Gift For Seniors

Holiday Gift For Seniors

Stannah Stairlift: A Perfect Holiday Gift for Seniors.

If you’re having trouble finding a holiday gift for seniors, Centerville and feel that safety and independence at home are becoming a concern for your parent or grandparent with limited mobility, consider purchasing a Stannah stairlift from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts to make their life easier.

A stairlift may not be a holiday gift that seniors would think of asking for, but one that they need, and very much appreciate after it is installed (even if they may not tell you how much it’s helped them).

Seniors may claim that they’re still able to get up and down the stairs, even though it may be challenging for them to climb up and down their stairs every day. A Stannah stairlift provides a safe and easy way to navigate stairs at home for the rest of their lives.

It will renew independence for a senior and allow them to remain in their home and community that have come to know and love for many years.

Holiday Gift For Seniors

Give your senior a perfect gift of safety and independence this holiday season with a professionally installed Stannah stairlift. You can give your senior full access to the upper level with a Stannah stairlift when he or she can no longer climb the stairs in your home and feels confined to the lower part of your home.

For a family member or relative with limited mobility, a Stannah stairlift is the greatest Holiday Gift For Seniors you could give them. A stairlift will grant them a safe way to independently climb up and down the stairs in your home whether it’s outside or indoors.

A Stannah stairlift consists of a rail system that is professionally installed along the top edge of your stairs (on either the railing side or wall). The rail is very attractive, yet low profile since it’s comes in colors that blend with your decor.

A comfortable, supportive chair is carried up and down the rail system on the carriage unit. At a touch of a button, the stairlift transports the user with ease to the next level and back. The seat comes in a variety of fabrics and colors and can be folded up out of the way inconspicuously and easily when not in use. A backup power source is built in for occasions there’s a power outage.

Stannah Stairlifts

There’s a stairlift rental program if you want to ensure your home provides full access to guests over the holidays. Perhaps, your senior is in a wheelchair. Explore the possibility of a platform for a user to wheel on and lock in place. The platform can lift the wheelchair-in-use up and down the rail to provide access to other levels.

Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts offers Super Holiday Specials on Stannah stairlifts that our trained crew can install quickly and correctly. One of our accessibility professionals is ready to provide you with a free in-home assessment. Give your senior family member a Stannah stairlift for the holidays because it offers:

  • Independent access upstairs—outside or indoors.
  • Custom fit for straight, curved or spiral staircases.
  • An excellent solution for inaccessible stairs to multi-leveled areas
  • A safe and easy way to climb up and down stairs that have become impossible to navigate
  • Access to raised decks, basements, upper stories, lower level garages, raised entries, etc.

Purchasing a stairlift for a senior family member with limited mobility will benefit both you and him or her.

How a stairlift purchase and installation benefits you:

Stairlift; Holiday Gift For Seniors, significantly reduces any worries you may have had about the safety of your senior relative at home. Also, you’ll sleep much better at night knowing that your seniors have a safe and easy way to get between various floors of their home.

How a stairlift benefits your senior family member:

A stairlift provides many benefits for your parents or grandparents with limited mobility. Any nervousness or anxiety that they felt while navigating stairs at home will reduce significantly. If they stopped using the stairs at home, then they’ll regain independence and access all levels of their home.

Holiday Gift For Seniors

Lastly, a Stannah stairlift provides a good opportunity to remain at home, which seniors prefer and is much more affordable and convenient than moving into a senior living facility.

Give a Holiday Gift For Seniors that can help your loved one one remain at the home they love, give them full independent access to all levels and help them to enjoy their home fully.

Looking for the best Holiday Gift For Seniors, Centerville, please call Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts at (888) 542-3834 to learn more about Stannah stairlifts and how they can make your seniors lives much easier and safer this holiday season.

Holiday Gift For Seniors

Holiday Gift For Seniors



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