Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah

Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah

Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah

The Best Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah.

Is your office building, place of worship, school, restaurant, arena, meeting place, lodge, or commercial entity looking to become more accessible to your clients, members, or the public? You are at the right place because Mountain West Stairlifts Utah is here help you. Built to US compliance standards, our Stannah commercial stairlifts can help to make public spaces more accessible, especially for people with limited mobility. Further, customization of our products to meet local authority compliance is easy thanks to our standard design and built-in engineering. You can count on our commercial stairlift installation Utah experts to help with your application and design after assessing and reviewing your site.

Our products are built to US compliance standards

Our products are built to US compliance standards, so you know that the production, installation, safety, and maintenance meet the highest safety and quality standards. US compliance specifies the requirements for the accessibility products such as; stairlifts and vertical platform lifts and ensures safeguarding against the risk of an accident.

If you have any questions and doubts, one of our experienced and friendly representatives is more than happy to help you. During a free survey/assessment, we will analyze the site you want to install the stairlift, so you know exactly what we can offer or do for you.

You need enough information to help you make an informed decision before commercial stairlift installation Utah, and that’s why you will also receive a free, no-obligation quote.

What Is The Cost Of A Commercial Stairlift?

Several factors determine the cost associated with a commercial Stannah stairlift. For example;

  • Do you have straight or curved stairs?
  • How wide is your staircase?
  • What is the traveling distance of your stairlift?
  • If there’s a low ceiling, how much headroom is there?
  • Are there landings at the bottom and top of your stairs?

Before we provide you with your free, no-obligation quote, we will need to get answers to the above questions during an obligation-free survey/assessment.

Commercial Stairlift: Features, Customize Options and Size

With your needs in mind, we can recommend, design, and install the right commercial stairlift that suits the architecture of your building. Our commercial stairlifts come in a wide array of upholstery colors and fabric to choose from.

For a stairlift installed in a public building, you will be able to use a standard key that guarantees that only those who need the lift can use it. It manages the users of your stairlift. Some of the optional features you might to consider include colored carriage, a power swivel, rails, and chairs.

We can help you choose the best option

You will be able to choose the best option for you once our commercial stairlift installation Utah expert goes over all the options and advise you during your no-obligation survey.

Instead of buying an expensive traditional lift, go for an economical alternative: a Stannah commercial stairlift. The stairs, either straight or curved, in your public space, will remain open and free, and anyone can use them thanks to the difference in commercial stairlift sizes.

Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah

If you are looking for an experienced, reputable, and professional company for your commercial stairlift installation Utah, contact Stannah Mountain West Stairliftstoday for a free, no-obligation survey. Call us at (888) 542-3834 or use the contact form to make an inquiry.

Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah

Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah

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