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Swivel seats- Using the levers allows you to swivel your seat easily, making it simpler and safer to get off the chair. Call us today at (888) 542-3834. Stannah is here to serve you!

Siena 600 Stairlift Utah

Siena 600 Stairlift: Stannah The Leading Supplier

We are proud to be an authorized Siena 600 Stairlift Supplier, providing an extensive range of Stannah stairlift styles. As the best firm, we provide our clients with the newest items from Stannah Stairlifts. Stannah is a trusted name which is associated with high-quality stairlift products.

As the leading supplier, we focus on surpassing the manufacturer’s standards to give our customers friendly, efficient, and fast service with courteous factory-trained technicians from people who fully understand the needs of customers. We have a knowledgeable, professionals and friendly staff who are always ready to help our clients in their selection of stairlift.

At our firm, we perform all Stannah Stairlift Repairs and service using our Stannah trained specialists who have years of expertise and knowledge.


When a customer buys a Siena 600 Stairlift from us, we will contact him or her yearly when their stairlift is due for service. That way, we give our clients the peace of mind they deserve because they do not have to remember when their stairlifts service is due. We understand well that the best and cost effective way of maintaining a stairlift is by servicing it on regular intervals. And with the service costs which ever increase, we have expanded our warranty package to include annual servicing. For one yearly payment, our client will get many things including:

• 24-hour cover

• Priority call outs

• All labor charges covered

• Parts


Indeed, Stannah Stairlifts are the best on the market. However, for whatever reasons, there might be times when repairs are needed. We have extensively trained and skilled engineers.We always strive to ensure that we get to all clients within 24 hours in case the repair need arise.


The Siena 600 Stairlift combines a contemporary, simple design with the newest in stairlift engineering. And with a neater and narrower slim-line rail, this product is suitable for small staircases, and it offers one with the finest in stairlift skills without compromising on the design or space of the house. The features include:

1. Light-Touch Control

It has been actually designed with practicality and ease of use in mind. It features both intuitive, ergonomic controls on its arm that function with a light touch & helpful wall mounted controls meant for calling the stairlift. Indeed, using Siena 600 Stairlift is a stress-free and straightforward experience.

2. Safe & Secure

It has options that range from simple retractable seatbelt to five-point harness. One will just select the seatbelt that best suits his or her style and needs.

Buy now from us and be sure to get the best.

Siena 600 Stairlift


Siena 600 for Straight Stairs

The seat-to-footrest link makes folding easier & improves safety.

Great Stairlift: Siena 260 Stairlift

Siena 260 Stairlift

When a person grows old, mobility becomes an issue, walking becoming really hard for them. They tend to get very tired after walking of only a short distance. The issue is exacerbated if there are stairs in the houses that they live in. It is physically impossible for this very old people to use a freight of stairs to their rooms or the upper compartments of the house. While it might be virtually impossible to alter the design of the house or to make all that that old needs available in the ground floor, it is possible to make that person access the stairs without getting tired.

A Siena 260 stairlift is the solution to such a person’s problem. A stair lift is a specialized kind of chair that goes up and down the stairs. All that a person needs is to sit on a chair, flip a switch and they are gracefully hoisted up or down the stairs. One of the best such stair lifts ever made is the Siena 260 stairlift. This has different feature that make it an all interesting chair to use, completely suitable for the elderly and the sick.

Stannah And The Siena 260 Stairlift

Our company has worked very hard to ensure that the stairlift will take care of the needs of the aged very well. That they no longer have to struggle when accessing the stairs; they can now do it easily and safely. Some of the features that make this model of stairlift unique include:

  • It is possible to fold the chair when it is not in use. This is very important for the safety of the other stairs’ users.
  • The chair is easy to fold and unfold which means that the elderly person can even do it alone. All that one needs is to press down the arms and release the footrest and they are good to go.
  • The chair comes with a light touch joystick that makes it easy to guide the chair up down the stairs. It is also supported by a rechargeable battery that continues to recharge itself. This means that one can still use the chair even when there is a power failure.
  • It also has comes with a remote control which, makes it possible for one to call the chair to where they are, either up or down the stairs.

The siena 260 stairlift is a great help to the elderly. So you are looking for one, call us today for your free evaluation.

Siena 260 Stairlift

Siena 260 Stairlift

Siena 600 Stairlift

The new Siena stairlift has an elegant mix of fresh, simple contours, contemporary styling, and the best in intelligent stairlift engineering. Your Siena comes in five classic colour options providing a smart, practical addition to your home.