Stannah Stairlifts and Safety Standards

Stannah put their stairlifts through vigorous testing methods to ensure that safety is always paramount. Call us today at (888) 542-3834 if you need a skilled and dedicated Stannah staff

Be Safe At Your Home

Our Stannah stairlifts stand out for its modern design and innovative features. You should purchase a Stannah stairlift from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts since it will fit well into your home. If you want an additional safety feature for stairlift for your staircase, then add a power swivel function to your Stannah stairlift. Visit our Show room today.

Stairlift For Your Staircase

Stairlift For Your Staircase

Are you looking for the perfect Stairlift For Your Staircase, Centerville, UT? At Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, we are more than happy and ready to address your mobility needs. We provide both straight and curved Stannah stairlift solutions. We can tailor your preferred stairlift to suit you and your home.

Straight Or Curved Stairlifts

First, we should determine whether a curved or straight rail product would be the most suitable choice for you. Therefore, one of our technicians will visit your home to carry out a comprehensive survey and assessment of your staircase.

We attach our rails to the stair tread, not the wall, and they can fit either side of your staircase. However, the results of the survey and assessment will determine the most appropriate side.

Straight Stairlifts

The straight rail is a common type that suits many homes. Technicians from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts can install it in a couple of hours. Straight staircases have no bend, turn or landing in them. Straight rails are made of aluminum and come in either bronze or silver finish. Our straight products designs covering 143 miles in testing guarantees Stannah reliability and quality.

Curved Stairlifts

Curved staircases can accommodate a variety of designs. Whether it is spiral, fanned, half or quarter landings, you will find the design that suits your needs. Our rails are tailor-made to suit the individual nature of curved staircases for each home.

Once you have purchased and installed a curved Stannah stairlift, you will be able to reach more than one floor safely and efficiently. Recently, Stannah manufactured their longest curved rail; it is almost 50 meters long and can travel 11 flights of stairs. The performance of our curved product designs during life testing has been remarkable. They can travel 222 miles, the equivalent of London to Brussels.

Invest In Your Future

A Stannah stairlift will help you to regain long-term independence. Our Stannah stairlifts have long durability; they can last decades. Buying a stairlift means that you are investing in your future. You will be making a crucial decision to remain in your home for that much longer. Furthermore, your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that you can move freely and safely at home. They want to be sure you are safe in your home.

Are My Stairs Right For A Straight Stairlift?

Yes, they’re in most cases. We can install a Stannah stairlift on almost any straight staircase.

On either side of your stairs, whichever side it fits best.

We can handle even the longest of staircases, so your stairs are within our limits.

Even if you’ve a door or radiator right at the bottom or top of your stairs, we will use our retractable rail to adapt the stairlift to your home.

Be Safe At Your Home

Our Stannah stairlifts stand out for its modern design and innovative features. You should purchase a Stannah stairlift from Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts since it will fit well into your home and needs in the easiest, safest and most comfortable way possible.

You will only flip the seat and armrests down when you want to use your stairlift, and either get a seat link to connect your footrest to the seat or flip the footrest down using the hand lever. That way,  the footrest flips down automatically when you flip the seat of your stairlift down.

If you want an additional safety feature for stairlift for your staircase, then add a power swivel function to your Stannah stairlift. The chair will swivel automatically when you get to the top of your stairs, and place squarely on the upstairs landing.

Stairlift For Your Staircase

Our Stannah stairlifts have been designed in such a way that you cannot fall backward since the chair forms a barrier between you and your stairs. Therefore, you will feel much safer as you get up.

Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts can provide you with a quality, durable and affordable stairlift for your staircase, Centerville, UT. Call us today at (888)-542-3834 or fill out our contact form.

stairlift for your staircase

Stairlift For Your Staircase



Trustworthy Stairlift Service

Our highly-trained service technicians are dedicated to servicing and maintaining your Stannah stairlifts. To ensure that every technician who visits your home is someone you and your family can trust, our technicians are checked routinely, and they carry identity cards. Call Stannah Stairlift for your stairlift repairs and maintenance.

Use Safe Stairlifts Only

When purchasing the stairlift, it is always important to ensure that it has all the stairlift safety features. Take your time before arriving at your decision. Do your research on the best stairlift that will suit your need. Once you have made the decision to buy, get an expert like those at Stannah to install it for you. For expert guidance on stairlift purchase and installation contact Stannah stairlift.