Buying Stairlifts

Buying Stairlifts Stannah

Guide To Buying Stairlifts

Do You Need A Stairlift In Your Home?

If you have limited mobility, then you may have considered living downstairs or moving into a bungalow or ground floor apartment. One option you can consider is to relocate to the ground floor living space. 

You can install a stairlift in your home to make your life easier. Getting up and down the stairs will no longer become a daily struggle. We recommend you install a stairlift, because it is a more practical and cost-effective option. It means less of a change in your lifestyle. Therefore, you will able to enjoy living independently in your home.

If you think a stairlift is a right option for you, pick a stairlift that best suit your needs.

Before You Buy A Stannah Stairlift

Today, all major home improvement purchases including stairlifts have several options to think and talk about with professionals, family members, and friends before you purchase it.

  • Contacting an Occupational Therapist (OT) is a perfect place to start since he or she will offer you guidance on the best solution for your requirements.
  • Have a chat with someone who already owns a stairlift. That is a good way of seeking an honest and unbiased opinion about the advantages of installing a Stannah stairlift. You will also know the specific questions to ask the Stannah, stairlift dealer.
  • There are several reputable and professional dealers, like Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, across Utah and Colorado. Getting in touch with them to compare products, services, and prices will help you access your options.
  • Safety and reliability are two critical factors you should consider. Cold callers might try to rush you into making a purchase. Don’t let it happen. Take your time.
  • Requesting a free Stannah stairlift brochure and information pack is important. You can use them to compare Utah stairlifts that you may consider for your home.

What To Expect From A Home Visit

You can book your home visit at Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts, and a stairlift expert will visit your home to help you choose a Stannah stairlift that best suit your needs. Be ready with the answers to the following questions that will inform you of your best stairlift options:

  • Can you bend your knees and travel in a seated position?
  • Will you be comfortable traveling in a standing or seated position?
  • How wide is your staircase?
  • Will there be enough headroom for a standing stairlift if you decide to buy one?
  • Are you able to operate a standard stairlift remote control or you’ll need an alternative method, such as a toggle or joystick?
  • Are there potential obstructions, such as banister rails, doors, radiators, or thresholds, near the staircase? You’ll require a hinged track if this is the case.

You may know all the answers to these questions, but our experts will help you. It is good to have someone with you so that he or she can ask questions as well.

The experts will make a thorough assessment of the dimensions and design of your staircase and your requirements. The ease with you get on and off the stairlift is also a crucial consideration.

Finally, when buying stairlifts our expert will provide you a written quote for the overall cost of the stairlift, including installation. He or she will also explain to you the after-care services such as repairs and maintenance and stairlift warranty.

If you’re looking for a dependable stairlifts dealer, call Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts today at (888) 542-3834.  

Buying Stairlifts

Buying Stairlifts

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