Buying A Stairlift

5 Factors To Consider When Buying A Stairlift

Climbing up the stairs is always challenging for the old aged people due to balance or muscle strength issues. Stairlift is now used for movement within their homes even down to the basement although some person’s don’t seem to have an idea on how to go about buying a stairlift. However, many of you are yet to fathom this as an option for your parents’ home.

What’s The Way Forward When Buying A Stairlift

I would be putting you through with five factors that should be considered before buying a stairlift.

COST: It is one thing to hope to get a lift and it’s another to get the fund to back up the want. If you don’t want to move your parents and you need a stair lift, you need to look into insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid to see if your individual situation qualifies. You might be fortunate enough to qualify for a grant from the National Council on Independent Living or even claim it on your taxes obviously good options to cover the cost.

YOUR STAIRWAY: Don’t jump into buying a stairlift for any home if you haven’t known whether the stairlift fit or works on your stairway although most stairlifts are manufactured to fit on any stairway. However, If your stairway is straight, a typical lift will work and such a straight light can be resold just in time if you decide to relocate, but if your stairway is curved or turns, it will have to be customized and that would require additional labor and cost.

STAIRLIFT INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS: Installing the stairlift needs some consideration such as knowing if there is a room at the top and bottom of the lift so the senior can get on and off safely, hazards of tripping and movement of door if possible. You will have to attach the lift to the stairwell and remove carpet or trim to attach the lift safely and securely when installing the stairlift.

TYPE OF LIFT:  This is a decision making factor. Deciding on whether to go for the electric type or the battery operated one. Typically individuals choose electric stairlift over battery because the maintenance is easier and you don’t have the fear the lift will die in transition from one level to the next.

FEATURES: There are many features to choose from when selecting a stairlift. Do you want a folding footrest and folding seat to make the lift seem more compact and less noticeable in your home? Do you need hinged rails to get past a doorway or walkway? What about raised mounting brackets to allow the chair to be lifted up and out of the way of a door that may need to be closed? Do you want a swivel seat to make getting on and off the chair easier? Does it have a send-call feature to be able to retrieve the chair if it’s at the wrong end of the staircase?

The above are features that must be put to check to meeting your individual need when installing. Am sure you would start re thinking on getting a stairlift for a love one today.

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Buying A Stairlift

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