Buyer beware!utah stairlift information

To help you make a more informed decision about owning a stairlift. Not all stairlift suppliers are as reputable as we’d like; do your homework!


We’re constantly being asked to check out a stairlift that someone has bought ‘cheap’ and tried to install themselves, and there’s invariably something wrong. for your safety and peace of mind we include professional installation with every Stannah stairlift. All reputable manufacturers do the same. If you’d like to read more about the subject, click on AEMA

Better Business Bureau

The BBB’s records show how many complaints each manufacturer has received in the last 36 months. We recommend you check before buying a stairlift. Nobody’s perfect, but clearly some suppliers are trying much harder than others.
Mountain West Stairlifts, LLC, Stair Lifts, Woods Cross, UT

Consumer-complaint sites

Some stairlift suppliers seem to attract attention on consumer complaint sites. Before buying a stairlift we recommend you search for ‘stairlift’ on at least one complaint site:

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