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A Comprehensive Survey of Your Staircase

One of our representatives will come and visit you to give your staircase a comprehensive survey and asses whether a straight or curved rail product would be the most suitable option. Our rails are attached to the stair tread, not the wall, and can be fitted to either side of your staircase (depending on the […]

What Should You Look For In A Stairlift?

Once you have decided to buy a Stannah stairlift, the next step is choosing the right type and model for you. The type of stairlift you buy will depend on whether you have a straight or curved staircase. But you should also remember that different products come with different features that could be of real […]

Our products are built to US compliance standards

Our products are built to US compliance standards, so you know that the production, installation, safety, and maintenance meet the highest safety and quality standards. Contact Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts at (888) 542-3834 if you are planning to purchase a stairlift.

Stairlifts For 2021

Stairlifts For 2021 Stairlifts For 2021: Guide To Buying A Stairlift. Buying a stairlift will allow you to focus on more important things in life than getting up and down your stairs. Ensuring that you get the right one from the start means you can relax knowing you have the best possible solution that’ll stand […]

Get a Stannah Stairlift

The elderly deserve to live their lives as they always have independently, and a Stannah stairlift can give them the freedom to do so. Call us today at (888) 542-3834 you can rely on our quality products and experienced stairlift home installation team to deliver the best service.

Getting Quotes from Many Companies

Take time to consider a few different options to increases your chances of getting a good deal. Comparing the pricing of one company to others will help you to find out if it’s reasonable. Feel free to call us today at (888) 542-3834 if you are looking for affordable stairlifts in Mountain West.

Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah

Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah The Best Commercial Stairlift Installation Utah. Is your office building, place of worship, school, restaurant, arena, meeting place, lodge, or commercial entity looking to become more accessible to your clients, members, or the public? You are at the right place because Mountain West Stairlifts Utah is here help you. Built to […]

Keep Your Stairlift in Good Working Condition

You should keep your stairlift in good working condition. It is important to hire a professional to do preventive maintenance regularly. Call us today at (888) 542-3834 Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts. We offer a range of stairlift repair and maintenance services for curved and straight stairlifts.