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Stannah Stairlifts

Welcome to Stannah. Thanks for visiting us. We offer professional Stairlift supply and installation services. Our experienced technicians are prepared to answer all Stairlift questions that our customers have.  We have operated Stannah Stairlifts business for decades. Therefore, we are skilled, and experienced professionals in the industry.

Our experts always evaluate our customers requirements, and the type of stairways in their homes. After that, we give them a written recommendation that include guaranteed total expenses. We do not operate on approximates. We always caution our clients never to give anyone their money or sign any estimate. Call us for any assistance.

Why Stannah Stairlifts Beat The Competition

We appreciate great craftsmanship. Besides, we understand well the significance of excellent value, reliability, and safety.

Furthermore, we have fantastic customer service. For sure, we offer outstanding customer service before and even after sale or installation. We don’t forget our clients after completing the job. It is just the Stannah way.

Admittedly, Stannah Stairlifts are popular all over the world because they give people freedom & safer enjoyment of their houses.

Features Of Our Stannah Stairlifts

• Our Stairlifts are designed in a manner that they can fit on any narrow stairs for all stair users

For sure, our stairlifts are made using slim rail, compact carriage & has folding seat, arms, and footrest. So, the whole chair can fold away effortlessly. They are convenient for anyone.

• Our stairlifts Go Around Any Corner 

The curved model is one of the versatile stairlifts that are available for curved and narrow stairs. This model can go around corners and turns on any side of the staircase, and easily negotiate any intermediate landings & corridors. Our specialists ensure that they manufacture rails that meet the exact dimensions of our clients` staircases.

• Quick Installation

Installation of Stannah Stairlifts is easy, and also quick. Our stairlifts are fitted to stairs, and not the wall. Therefore, the process is fast, simple, and clean. Our company`s friendly and professional installers work with little worry. They ensure that the stairlifts are tested thoroughly after installation, and they also show our customers how they will operate or use them before leaving.

• Our Stairlifts Function When There Is A Power Outage

Our stairlifts are actually battery powered. Therefore, they can operate even if there is no power.

We are skilled, knowledgeable, and competent. Besides, we are always reliable. Our products are safe and dependable. Moreover, we are one of the members of AEMA. Call us today.

Stannah Stairlifts

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